Educational Workshops

From the early days of Radman’s presence in the field of Training and Development, our trainers main aim is to design and improve effective business courses in order to create a new era in soft skills programs. Training Analysis Needs and planning accordingly have been done through the studies done by Radman on numerous companies in Iran, benchmarking, and a decade of experience. Our professional team in Radman by using innovative and modern training methods, as well as trendy technologies try to introduce new concepts to participants and create a dynamic and effective learning environment. Radman’s methodology in running training courses is shown below. Keep in mind that each step of this approach can be customized based on customer’s requirements.


Based on a deep knowledge of our business customers and adultery training techniques, these trainings consist of exciting group activities which make the whole session extremely desirable and interesting for participants. Activities such as brief speeches, simulation exercises, business case studies, relevant short clips and group discussions about real experiences.

In order to hold workshops and training sessions based on mentioned methods, Radman professionals use their administrative and managerial expertise to present practical examples in various fields. This leads to advancement in reaching educational goals.