Radman Group with the support of its ironic experience in finding the best talent pool for some the most well-known national and international companies in Iran, can help you through each step of the talent acquisition process. Below are some of the advantages of our services in this field:

  • Introducing the most relevant and suitable talent pool, by using the most unique and exclusive recruitment tools
  • Having a comprehensive database of candidates for an extensive range of positions
  • Being next to you as your HR consultant in order to get the best of your recruitment process
  • Providing consultation on salary ranges for your requested positions


Selecting and attracting effective workforce have been a serious challenge in recent years in Iran. Experiencing an unsuccessful and destructive experience in recruitment leads to unreturnable expenses, and could be a threat to organizational environment. This leads to an ongoing need for innovative and novel recruitment approaches in finding and attracting the best talent pool that fits the organisations requirements. Radman’s approach in running recruitment projects is listed below:

  • Preparing comprehensive and goal-oriented job descriptions in one page
  • Designing unique job ads based on job requirements, through the most effective channels
  • Checking and shortlisting all the received resumes by our professional team
  • Technical, Behavioural and General interviewing, as well as using the latest online psychometric tools
  • Presenting a comprehensive report for each assessed candidate
  • Following up the procedure till the selected candidates sign the contract and start their job

Assessment Centre

This Tool is designed for clients who want to assess candidates required competencies and rate them accordingly. Assessment centres usually will end up in 1 day and maximum of 6 people can attend the event. This tool is for assessing competencies, skills and behaviours needed for a specific job:

  • Using the latest management tools and inventories
  • Group Discussion, Game and other group activities
  • Role play (Coaching) and Presentation
  • Writing skills testing

Development Centre

This tool is used for employers that have been identified the current talent pool in the organisation, and looking for creating a professional plan for the development of their behavioural capabilities. Experts in Radman group create a competency framework either based on client’s requirements, or company’s framework. Then a 1-day Development Centre would be designed accordingly. Although the activities and tools used during the day is different for different companies, but below is the procedure that is based on international standards:

  • Designing assessment activities based on Competency Framework, qualifying conditions, or client’s requirements.
  • Preparing tools and executing the Development Centre
  • Holding agreement sessions with participants, reporting the results
  • Creating development plan with relevant managers
  • Preparing personal reports for each participant

Behavioural Interview

This service is for companies that already find the right candidates and need a final confirmation about them. The outcome of this interview would be a one-page report including personality aspects, personal specifications as well the DISC inventory report (behavioural analysis) in 15 pages.

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