Radman is one of the leading firms in the management consulting in Iran. In Radman, cooperation is with top executives and professionals to help them make better decisions, achieve sustainable and optimal decisions and achieve success.

For 8 years, Radman consultants have made their best effort to get better results for customers, results beyond financial affairs, unique, specific, practical, holistic and sustainable.

Radman philosophy

The main philosophy of Radman is developing and managing organizational talents. To achieve this, Radman sets its projects on four principles: talent assessment, development professions, talent development and organizational development. The balance between the four pillars in talent management is Radman approach in solving issues related to human capital. The main specialty of Radman consultant is based on the same method. Radman is always trying to keep pace with the development of the above topics, and achieve increasing benefit for its clients and staff.


Radman vision and mission

Radman Company with consistent promotion of knowledge management, Providing reliable quality solutions and integrating new concepts of management and organizational experiences excels alongside its clients. In this respect, Radman determination is to create mutual confidence and empowerment of customers derived from creative ideas and innovative solutions.

We are trying to use the best possible ways. Our customers are entrepreneurs, organizations and domestic and foreign businesses that we try to assist in the following areas:

Human resources services

  • Teaching new concepts of individual and organizational development
  • Providing assessment tools

Using modern management tools and benefiting from the diversity of experience and knowledge, the company has gathered a formidable group whose strength is effective synergy and optimum efficiency. This group sees itself as responsible against their community and its philosophy is that, it sees its interest lying in the interests of customers and their suppliers.

Radman values


  • Day to day learning
  • Constant innovating
  • Being professional
  • Adding values

Because customers’ business is as important as to Radman activities, employeeswork with the company think and act like partners towards employers. Advisors who benefit just from academic thought have only a low possibility of commercialization of their ideas. As a result, Radman employees are trained, talented, experts, aware of the current issues and news, know the rules, have professional experience and of course with related academic knowledge.

Radman is always trying to attract and retain the best talent for clients. It is proud that throughout Iran, it is known as an energetic and attractive place to work for. Radman staff competes to achieve better results for the customers, but support each in different stages.

Staff and consultants of Radman are certainly the distinguishing feature of this company from others. They spend all their energy to serve and equally to challenge the customers. Sentences following are a brief description of the main view of Radmani people:

“We eagerly try to be significantly affective at everything. Our working culture and unique approach have continuous results that go for every customer in a specific situation. We always try to do the right thing for customers, people, and society.”