Communication skills

Nowadays, humans’ being in interactive environments is one of the main tools for success in the society and the ability to communicate effectively with others in a way that learning this skill is of the most basic life skills in the modern era. No doubt, in the organizational environment to further the organization’s goals and interpersonal communication and interaction skills such a skill has an important role in the effectiveness of individuals and in most of the dynamic and targeted organizations today, this issue is paid attention to more than ever. By holding communication skills courses, Radman Company has always tried to play a major role in promotion and dissemination of effective communication in the organizations and by taking advantage of new learning methods, build workshops in the field of fundamental changes in educational and communication skills.

Workshop objectives:

  • Effective expression and ways of strengthening it
  • Writing systems and how to improve them
  • The ability to effectively intercept
  • How to provide constructive feedback
  • Questioning techniques and how to use them in the workplace
  • Body language and its importance in communication
  • Group games and team activities